MMX Progress Report: 004

So I’ve drafted a Blueprint for creating the level efficiently and have mapped out the beginning sections: I will probably move on to modeling more enemies and getting the new animations in game next. Currently, I’m working on the level entry teleportation effects. I’ve been playing with a few ideas and have settled on this […]

MMX Progress Report: 003

Hi there! It’s been a while and I apologize for that. Things have been a bit busy here; I’ve traveled across the country and started working for Blizzard! This project has been slowly moving along, but there is a lot to do still. Instead of pics and words I figured a quick video glimpse into […]

Chromebooks vs United Airlines

The current meta for airlines appears to be hosting their own in-flight content for use on your personal devices, namely smartphones and laptops. The exception to this, as I learned recently, is ChromeOS. Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons and it isn’t too uncommon to see them. But there is an […]

Engines, Mobile, and VR

I’ve been working in both Unity and Unreal for a bit now. I really enjoy working in Unreal for Desktop applications thanks to the Blueprints system and great documentation for it. Having an idea for a useful VR/Mobile app, I decided to step away from Unity and see what Unreal was capable of.  To clarify, […]

Tools of the Trade: AttrTransfer

One of the more mundane tasks in Maya is transferring extra attributes from one object to another. If you’ve set up a template of custom attributes on one object, there’s no easy way to copy the attributes and their values over to a new object, or multiple objects. Even more tedious is “jumping connections,” so that ControllerB now […]