MMX Progress Report: 001

I wanted to share some quick images of where the game is at so far. Since I’ve mostly been focusing on the game-play/engine work, there aren’t a ton of visuals yet. Nothing is quite perfected yet, but I’ve got charged shooting, wall sliding, and dashing all implemented. There is a single level piece in there now, and a spawner for the first enemy, “Spiky” who is destructible. My former colleague and good friend Nick Reid is in charge of effects for the project and has done a stellar job so far with the dash after-images and weapon particle systems. Below you can see the Dash effect with Spiky chasing us in the background, the start of materials in Substance Designer, and the first bridge piece for our level. As game-play elements get more refined I’ll begin adding videos, and probably a few turnarounds of the characters as well.




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