Engines, Mobile, and VR

I’ve been working in both Unity and Unreal for a bit now. I really enjoy working in Unreal for Desktop applications thanks to the Blueprints system and great documentation for it. Having an idea for a useful VR/Mobile app, I decided to step away from Unity and see what Unreal was capable of. ¬†To clarify, I’ll be making this project in both engines, but I’m going to start with Unreal to see how far it cane take me (I already know how to deploy on Unity). The setup so far has been painful. While Unity has a plugin and prefab to drop in, there are significantly more steps to getting this working in Unreal. The greatest drawback I’ve found is build time. A basic level with a single cube and a simple uniform color material took about 7 minutes to build, something that would require a fraction of the time in Unity. ¬†Anyway, I’ve successfully pushed the app to my device, so now I can expand the functionality. Once I have something interesting I’ll start posting images, and see how the UI system in Unreal works.

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